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I don’t hate phones but I prefer a world without it

We are living in 2017, a world filled with phones. I hope by 2030, we think of them as we do to the huge IBM machines. (Did it even exist?)

Everyone I know has a phone; how are we going to eliminate it? I had a vision of how it can happen and in this article I will tell you the things than needs to happen to accomplish our goal.

Let’s start with the things the not-so-little devices can do… at least does for me.

It allows me to Google search, scroll through 9Gag and Facebook for memes, check my emails, connect via Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat. It also allows me to keep track of my schedule, take pictures of beautiful moments which can be seen again later, book hotels through Agoda and AirBnb, watch Netflix and Youtube, bank transfers and before I forget, make phone calls using cellular.


We are moving towards a world with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality powered by machine learning. The joke here is that these awesome upcoming technologies are being dependent on phones. We are putting Google Assistant and Siri on these devices, Pokemon Go through the phone, VR games also using phones. Aren’t these technologies going to make our lives easier? Easier by freeing us from phones?

At the Apple Keynote, they showed us how they partnered with the Baseball App developers to create an AR experience, where users can see player’s info through the phone. THROUGH THE PHONE. WHAT!?

The world without phones, how would it look?

We are going to solve the basketball( I don’t like baseball) game situation that we want to know player’s information during the match but this time also without the phone. To do that we would need a smart glass or even smart lens that blend well and fashionable. This would also include a camera to capture and a display. Problem solved? Yes. Can we live without our phones yet? No.

Remember the list of things the not-so-little things can do? We still have to solve that. Fortunately we are going to have the help of smart watches, a similar device compared to a phone, plus it blends in and is fashionable. Smart watches are going to need cellular, Apple Watch Series 3 has it. These watches would be able to do all those things that a phone can do, not better, not yet. However we would need a wireless seamlessly looking headphones to listen and speak to us. AirPods? Hell no!

Are we ready? Wait let me see through the magic crystal ball.. I don’t know?! But surely sounds good to me. Let me know what you think about this crazy random imagination of mine.

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